Main Goal

Recyplast is the leading recycling plastic waste company in Costa Rica. It has a plant in Siquirres, Limón where it processes plastic waste from more than 150 farms and the materials it receives in 22 collection centers distributed throughout the national territory. These centers are mostly run by women heads of family.

Our history

This idea was created by three visionary companies, all of them concerned to treat plastic waste and contribute to the sustainability of the planet. Currently, the founding companies Del Monte and Dole agro-exporters remain; and recently Grupo Montecristo joined. Together they lead this great company that processes plastic waste from banana, melon, pineapple and households.  That was how, on January 25th, 1993 Recyplast was founded.

The required machinery – with the specific conditions according to the operational and high technology needs- was imported from Italy, where it was designed exclusively by technicians to meet the objectives set for Recyplast. Months later, the discarded plastic was collected in the banana plantations to be treated.

Currently Recyplast is a very successful company unique in its nature. With the produced resin, 199,000,000 cornerboards have been manufactured, with which approximately 2,487,500 fruit containers have been exported.

Recyplast is an excellent example of circular economy as an economic model that aims to repair and regenerate so that products, components, and resources maintain their utility and value at all times.

In addition, its concept is consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda proposed by the members of the United Nations; particularly those related to economic growth, creation of work and reduction of environmental impacts.

We Stand out for

214 million cornerboards have been manufactured.

of fruit containers have been exported

of cornerboards are manufactured per day, 42 tons of waste are recycled

kilos of resin that have been recycled

manufactured per day that are equivalent to 550 containers of fruit per day

small cornerboards are manufactured in 24 hours

directly benefited

of 1.025,750 trees, equivalent to 2,925 hectares, has been avoided

has been made to circle the circumference of the earth 135 times

Waste is submitted to an industrial process and is used in its entirety as an input to produce cornerboards that are used for packing fruit boxes exported to the international market. In this way, we managed to complete the circular production process.

Our partners

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